Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Condo

After living here for two months and four months after closing the condo, phase 1, is 99% completed. 

There were only a few surprises along the way that added to the adventure. A leak in the wall in the laundry room which wasn't a big deal because I wanted to change the valves any way. An electrical Gremlin that I just couldn't get sorted. I just left it alone until I moved in and finally decided to tackle it. Just as I was about to give up and call an electrician I had an odd idea and changed the breaker on that circuit and problem solved. The biggest issue and most troubling was the living room floor that had a 3/4" depression the length of the room. After checking all of my options I went with carpet in that area because it was the cheaper, faster way around the problem.

The most important thing I've learned during this process is when your new neighbor tells you, "I really shouldn't say anything," you might not want to ask why. Seems the previous occupant of the condo was an elderly gentleman who was taking care of his elderly wife who had Alzheimer's. He decided it was to much and shot himself, in the head, in the bedroom. 

The neighbor found out when a landscaper knocked on her door and asked if she knew the lady and he told her she needed to go see her because she said she hasn't eaten in two weeks. When the neighbor asked her where her husband was she said, "I think he's dead." She walked in to find him in the bed and sure enough he was expired!

So, the condo came with it's very own Poltergeist! I attributed the misplaced tools and toilet seat being left open to me being forgetful! Once I started putting something on the seat it stayed closed. My daughter tried to get me to have a sage burning ceremony, but I had a get out of here talk with the old fella and the only issue now is the garage light is always on and the odd bump in the night. 

Phase 2 will be changing the tub and its six inch step down to a zero barrier walk in shower. That will not take place until around the first of the year because I am tired and need to get out and about to explore all the amenities of the retirement community. 

My original time line allowed four months to complete the renovation and I used all of it in big part because I just plain got lazy. My landlord letting me out of my lease early was a great benefit because I lived here for half of the renovation time and while it allowed me to be lazier that I should have been it was also helpful to be here during the finishing touch stage. Maybe now I can get back to doing some riding if these 98 degree, 75% humidity days would end.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Racing the Heat and Rain

Tuesday morning 5:40 AM and still 88 degrees at the condo. Needing a break and to blow the cobwebs off of Stella I headed out looking for some cooler weather. The Weather Guessers were saying monsoon rains were headed this way and flash flood warnings were the order of the day. With that poor family that was wiped out last weekend flash flood warnings aren't to be taken lightly, but I was planning on staying on higher ground.

The above sunrise picture was taken about 5:45 six miles from the condo. Looking North it was light clouds and sunshine. As I entered I17 the temperature was dropping as the elevation increased. By Sunset Point Rest area it was down to 76 degrees and feeling pretty good. Little to no traffic made it pretty nice to finally be out on Stella.  In the move I can't find my AA battery charger, so the camera was useless. I didn't even think to look for it until this morning. So, iPhone pictures it is.

There were two burn areas along I10, one on the West side and one on both East and West sides and the median. Clouds were building quickly North of me, so I took the exit for Prescott. The area around Dewey, Arizona had really been scorched over a wide area. It seemed really odd to see a house standing in the center of a circle surrounded by everything else burned. In the traffic I didn't stop and take pictures.

Made a breakfast stop in Prescott Valley with a very pleasant 75 degrees. Then it was through Prescott and connect to Arizona 89A and the twisties down the mountain through Yarnell and Wickenburg. 

Stella taking a breather at a water break. It was here the temps started climbing. It was 85 here with a touch of humidity. By the time I hit the garage it was 95, 42% humidity, and a heat index of 102 and that was only 10:45! We have had some rain each of the last three days and huge winds that have caused a lot of damage around the valley. My condo hasn't had any damage, but several around me have had their roofs blown off.

The condo is nearly finished with only minor touch up and finishing detail work left. It is looking pretty darn good if I do say so myself and I will be updating that in the next few days.