Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Ebb and Flow of Life....

...according to Joyce Marter (March, 2014) is the rhythm of life - a necessary process to prevent stagnation and promote our evolution of consciousness. New age mumbo jumbo for the more life changes the more it stays the same. Well, life is changing and it will never be the same. I have never been one to worry about change and as a matter of course have embraced change as the central theme of life. Change is good!

The pendulum has now swung beyond the point of no return and the changes came rapidly. I don't yet know where they might end. Except marriage....definitely never again in marriage. 

I wrote, in the last post, that the purchase of the Mustang was step one and so it was.

Something I said would never happen happened! Petunia leaving with her new owner.

This was followed quickly by Step 3. Stella relocating also.

Ever notice how things come in 3's? For the first time in I can't remember how long, I am without a motorcycle. The decision was made over a short period of time and once made it took less than a week to be completed. Almost like it was supposed to happen. With the riding season closing for many, the interest in Petunia and Stella was almost overwhelming. The last time I tried this it lasted about a month, as I recall. I thought I would be sad, or at least disappointed, but I find a strange sense of peace with the whole thing. The end came quickly and feels like the real end. Everything has an end and riding less than 6,000 miles in two years feels like the end. Making excuses to myself for not riding feels like the end. On that last ride, at the end of September, I didn't have fun even though I tried to convince myself I did, but it felt like the end. I found myself lying just trying to use a positive spin, but I couldn't fool myself. It was/is the end, or just a beginning to the new chapter.

Getting a new mouse pad as a reminder couldn't convince me.

When I was plumbing I always knew when it was time to quit a job and I left. The only time I used the word quit was when I did. I actually quit a job I liked, once, because it was Wednesday and I had never been paid on a Wednesday. When I turned in my letter of resignation from teaching I was told, "I'll hold on to this, because you WILL change your mind." But, once the word quit escapes my lips, it is set in stone.

So, this blog won't be getting any sort of updates and at some point will disappear because a motorcycle blog without a motorcycle isn't worth much. Just short of ten years it feels like the time to slip back into obscurity and just go back to being private. So many bloggers just disappear and others are left to wonder what happened. For me, I will be out walking Dexter, or on the golf course, or at the pool, or out driving with the top down. No tears, no fears, no excuses, no regrets. Only mostly great memories and thinking back on a few wondering how the Hell am I still here. It has been a   terrific ride!

PS; The Mustang is fully modded. An added light bar that doubles as a body stiffener and an Air Dam that lessens the air in the cockpit. In the first 600 miles she has had her top down for at least 525 miles. I LOVE I don't have to gear up for this ride! Bonus she gets the spot in the garage!



  1. Wow, major changes! I wish you the best as you slip back into obscurity. I've enjoyed following your adventures including the sidecar challenges and condo renovations.

  2. Holy Cow, you don't do half measures do you? You could always become a car blogger I suppose...

  3. Quite the change. Enjoy the new chapter.

  4. Those are some major changes, but it sounds as though it is right for you at the time.

    If you ever want to start another blog i am sure we'll all be waiting and reading it.

    Good luck to you and Dexter and your future mustang adventures.

  5. Big changes indeed. I've enjoyed following your blog and will miss it, but I have nothing but the best wishes for you as you move on. Good luck with all your future top-down adventures.

  6. My biggest block o taking a long ride is that it is more fun with young Rusty in the car than by myself on two wheels. So I empathize, but I see room in the garage for a small scooter and really you have no idea how much fun they can be. Good luck and best wishes.